How’s your flat drip tape? Do you know what factors will affect the working life of the flat drip tape?When we buy flat drip tape, we are more concerned about is working life. There are many manufacturers of flat drip tape in the market, and the working life of the products produced by different manufacturers is also different. So, what are the factors that affect the working life of drip tape?
The working life of the flat drip tape depends on many factors, such as wall thickness, material, resistance to clogging, water quality, filtration system, insect infestation, rodent infestation, stone content and sharpness in the soil, laying, recovery methods and usual treatment and maintenance, etc.

Five factors affect the service life of drip irrigation belt

1. Wall thickness: the service life of the flat drip tape is different according to different wall thickness, and the general working life is 2-5 years. Generally speaking, the thicker the wall is, the stronger the physical anti-damage ability of the equipment is. And the longer the working life is, the initial cost is also higher. When used in multiple seasons, the wall thickness of drip irrigation zone should be greater than 0.2mm. After each season, some flat drip tape are always damaged. Before use, it is necessary to cut and damage part of it, and use glue joint or hot melt joint.

2. Materials: The products made of new materials have higher tensile strength, wear resistance, aging resistance and long working life.
3. Anti-clogging ability: If the anti-clogging performance of the drip head is high, the drip irrigation pipe is less prone to various faults and has a relatively long service life.
4. Water quality: When there are too many impurities (such as sediment) in the irrigation water source, the equipment is easy to jam and shorten its working life.
5. Pest and rat damage: As we all know, after the irrigation season, we will clean and dry the flat drip tape and store it for laying during the next irrigation. However, if a mouse bites a hole during the storage process, the working life and effect of flat drip tape will be affected.
Above is the factors that affect the working life of the flat drip tape, I hope you can take into account when selecting.