Notes on the use of Flat Emitter Drip Tape:

1. Drip irrigation pipes and drip heads are easy to block, the water quality requirements are high, so must be installed filters;

2. Drip irrigation can not regulate the field microclimate, not suitable for freezing irrigation, in vegetable irrigation can not use the drip irrigation system to apply manure.

3. The investment in drip irrigation is high, taking into account the economic benefits of crops;

4. The burning of the drip irrigation belt pays attention to press the field film when laying the drip irrigation belt, so that the film is as close as possible to the drip irrigation belt, and the film and the drip irrigation belt do not create space. Avoid the focus of sunlight through water droplets. Before planting, we should level the land and reduce the phenomenon of multi-pothole land. To prevent the soil block of masonry weeds to lift the film, resulting in water vapor under the film to form a lens effect, burning drip irrigation belt. When laying, the drip irrigation belt can be subburied to avoid focus burns.