Drip irrigation is one of the most water-saving irrigation techniques in farmland. But because of the high price of drip irrigation technology, it was once known as “expensive technology”.

In recent years, with the wide application of drip irrigation belt, “expensive technology” is no longer expensive, can be used in ordinary crops.

Why is it important to say that farmland drip irrigation! Here are some points:
1. It is not that if you flood extra water to your crop you would get extra yield! Crop takes the only amount of water needed for it’s growth , termed as Crop water Requirement.
2. And that extra water is not only wasted but also can damage crop root system, can leach away important nutrients from soil, can cause soil erosion ( actually sheet erosion) and if this continued over a longer time period it my result into Waterlogged land, a condition where the land remains no longer cultivable and is submerged with water.
3. Since drip irrigation takes into account the actual Crop Water Requirement, the only quantity of water needed is supplied to the crop contrary to other irrigation practices like traditional flooding, unlined chanal irrigation etc.
4. Also, with drip irrigation fertiliser application has been simplified. Only you need to add small amoùnt of fertilisers to water tank and is evenly distributed by the laterals to each crop.

This way, by using Drip irrigation you can save water, time, labour and money. You can irrigate more land using the same quantity of water as compared to other traditional methods of irrigation