Irrigation of crops with drip irrigation pipe can achieve uniform irrigation, and can save water and time when irrigating, has become a new type of water-saving irrigation equipment popular with users in recent years. One of the things we need to be aware of when we use the device is to prevent it from clogging. So, what causes the device to clog easily?

1. There are solid impurities of large particles such as sand, powder, iron pipe and so on in the water source, which will clog the drip head runner with smaller aperture smaller apertures in the drip irrigation pipe.

2. Drip irrigation system pipe network breeding a large number of bacteria or algae, bacteria can grow in a system without light, they can form a group of amuhes or cause iron or sulfur precipitation, or like an attachment to the powder and sticky particles together, polymerization to form a large enough clumps of equipment blockage.

3. Calcium salt precipitation in the equipment, for the general irrigation water source, calcium salt precipitation is very common. Calcium carbonate will be due to temperature and PH value changes in precipitation, reach a certain value will occur serious precipitation, thus blocking the drip hole or runner.

When we use drip irrigation pipes for irrigation, many factors, such as poor water quality of irrigation water and too small internal aperture, can cause equipment to become blocked, so we must use irrigation filters when irrigating crops.