The drip head is an important part of the drip irrigation belt, which carries a high working intensity. If the drip head in use during the blockage problem, then the irrigation equipment will not be able to use properly.

The cause of the drip irrigation tube drophead blockage:
The drip head is inserted too deep when installed, the top to the pipe wall of the drip irrigation belt, or is not equipped with a filter or a problem with the filter, coupled with poor water quality, it can easily lead to drip head blockage.

Solutions to the blockage of drip irrigation tube slots:
After the drip head has a clogging problem, first observe whether it is a removable washable drip, if so, remove and clean it, and if it is not a removable wash, replace the entire drip head.

Drip irrigation belt drip head in the use of a variety of problems and failures, if there is a blockage problem in use, we should first understand what factors cause dislogging, and then in accordance with the above measures will be blocked problem squpage solution.

The use of drip irrigation pipes must be used in conjunction with the filter, otherwise it is easy to clog, here are our recommended centralized filters: Centrifugal Filter Screen Filter Disc Filter Sand Filter